Intelligent content management

DMS Services for independent professionals and small /medium enterprieses

We give you all the tools for managing your enterprise and business relevant contents.
We give you a solution for all or any of the following, having specialists in the areas DMS, Output Management, Project management and Test management, and being in straight contact with the mayor software providers:
Incoming information: E-Mail, Paper, Multimedial Transformation: Scanning, recognize (OCR) Processing: routing to your processes and/or BPM engines, archiving Output: Invoices, letters

Our partner concept for software producers at the DMS area

You are succesfully present at the market - we give you qualified experts for your projects and installation at customer sites.
The qualifying will be done, if neessary and possible, through your qualification and certification mechanisms.
In this way you're even more successfull due to faster and efficient installations.

Why itarius?

We offer long time experience implementing DMS systemsand we're experts forfast solutions.


DocuWare IEF mailrobot

E-mails automatically generated based on index fields

Text, logo parameterizable

Attachment: CSV from selected index fields, also accounting tables

The documents - with or without stamp

All documents that correspond to a reference; example: the e-mail is triggered by an incoming invoice; then all documents that contain the invoice number, e.g. in a keyword field, can also be output, e.g. delivery bills.

itarius webhooks for DocuWare - Stamp and Clip

Available now:

Using of our countless web services based on a data changing.



of course high configurably

clip documents

one or more

Personio Webservice

A new SOAP webservice coming from itarius

Access real time to your Personio data! Currently to the employee data

Access to your added attributes, too.

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DATEV Ausgleichsbuchung

Sie kennen das? Die Summe der Bruttobeträge entspricht nicht dem Bruttobetrag weil der Kreditor nicht die einzelnen Buchungen berechnet und addiert (gerundet), sondern den Gesamt-Nettobetrag umrechnet? Z.B. gerne bei AMAZON-Rechnungen... IEF erzeugt jetzt eine Ausgleichsbuchung, mit konfigurierbarem Sachkonto, KOST1 und Buchungstext!

DocuWare Store Dialog service

This time we're proud to offer a service:

Document filing.

After receiving documents, whether by scan, e-mail or other means, they must be filed in the archive.

The work consists mostly of mouse clicks - while still keeping track of the data!

In order for this to work, new document forms have to be "teached" - this is especially time-consuming regardin documents containg tables.

We know DocuWare, understand your business and can take over the filing - where necessary/desired also the tax data check.

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itarius branch at Cologne

From now on itarius organizes work shops in it's branch at Cologne, Bahnstr. 133, Köln-Weiden. Interested companies can get to know the best solution for their digitalization and some implementation choices.

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Jobrouter Work-Flow Engine


Ephesoft, infor and many more

infor OS, ephesoft, BAAN and many more

OpenText and many others

Bürosysteme Emsland



Team management

Manufacturer: CANDIS



Readsoft Invoices, Kofax KTM, Process Director for SAP



docxworld and more...


Other products and software houses
in our portfolio

ECM Suite, Business Solution

Easy Suite

Faba Suite

OnBase, Saperion


Omnipage, connectors, Power PDF



bitfarm-Archiv DMS

Service Provider

ELO Cloud


ISIS Papyrus

Your Problem?

We'll find the right solution for your problem! Also, thanks to our strong partnership with leading software provider, we will always find the best solution.
Our partner deliver software which is state-of-the-art, not made upon your request. Some of them got over 1 million licences installed - this is a proof of quality


You want to know why so much companies ask you to pay so much for your digitalization?
We will ask you only a fair fee for what a modern, digitalized company may ask for. An efficent business implementation, without dealing with historically established overhead, makes it possible to be competitive even against our biggest concurrents!
Ask for more facts - contact us!


For small and medium enterprises, we recommend Collmex Buchhaltungssoftware Collmex Buchhaltungssoftware